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Manuel working on guitar side

Welcome to Delgado Guitars!

"I'm a third generation luthier. I hand make musical string instruments. An art that is slowly dying and few understand. I love what I do and it keeps me connected to my father and grandfather and great-uncle. Although they are no longer alive, they live in the wood that I transform into guitars and other instruments. The joy of working a piece of wood into a musical story teller is hard to explain. To take a living breathing tree that believes its life has ended and then give it eternal life through music is a gift that I will never be able to repay to my teachers, mainly my father. When someone has the pleasure of playing a Delgado Guitar, they understand the power of this. This is why I always ask my future clients, Does your guitar have a story?"
  --Manuel A. Delgado

For many, the story begins when you choose your instrument off the wall from a guitar store, but with Delgado Guitars, the story began in 1928 and the individual attention put into every instrument by Manuel A. Delgado, third generation luthier.

Manuel Delgado and his family have been building handmade guitars since 1928 for artists like Andrès Segovia, Los Lobos, Jose Feliciano, Charo, Arlo Guthrie and countless more. Choosing to keep the tradition alive, Manuel builds each instrument individually using the methods taught to him by his father and grandfather which have been proven to stand the test of time. Building with the best materials, Manuel refuses to put his name or his family's reputation to shame by putting "handmade" on a mass produced instrument or passing off another builders work as his own. A luthier that is truly building by hand can not produce 60+ instruments in a year if they are the only ones building. Only an assembly line can produce these results or using machines, but the instrument lacks individual attention. This is why Manuel only builds 12-20 instruments a year. When you order a custom handmade "Delgado Guitar", you will also receive a DVD slide show of your instrument being built by Manuel. Take a moment and look through this site and please send a comment or introduce yourself to us. Find out what happens when the heart and soul are put into the art of building. You'll never own another guitar like it!

Delgado Guitars a green company

Delgado Guitars wants you to know we don't waste any material and conserve as much wood as possible. We do not purchase endangered woods and only use old growth woods we have accumulated through the years. Our shop is located at our home, so we are not burning fuel to drive and all our instruments are hand made so we use very little electricity to build them. We didn't set out to be a green company. Turns out we just always were.

quote The Delgado tradition is deep and soulful. The stuff you can't buy if you had all the money in the world. A gift and a blessing.
 -- Louie Perez of Los Lobos