quote We have known Manuel for six years. The purity of spirit, the integrity, and honor of this man is what drew us to him. It is no surprise that these very things are imparted to the instruments he builds. Listening to a Delgado guitar is like hearing the Angels sing. In the future, our new web site opening page, we will feature Manuel's fine instruments with a link. Although we have some links within our site, we felt that these fine instruments deserved to be on the front page.
 -- J. R. Baker, President, Soundseat Inc. ''We are music to your rear!''

quote Let's give the credit where credit is due: Delgado Guitars, are the best sounding acoustic guitars I have ever played in my life. Their resonance and their tone come from the passionate work of a builder whose quality standards are much higher then we are all used to. His attention to detail for each guitar is something you are gonna have to learn about when you order your guitar: only then you will truly understand. God Bless you Manuel.
 -- Mick Taras is a session guitar player, plays at Saddleback church, California, played with Motels, Suzy Boguss, Sara McLachlan, Jeffrey Steele.

quote I cannot say enough great things about Manuel and his instruments. I say instruments because he has made two guitars for me. There are many great and talented luthiers out there but I chose Manuel initially and a second time for several reasons. There is a personal relationship that Manuel cultivates with each of his customers. He doesn't just want to know what you want for your instrument, he wants to know about you as a person and as a musician because this will make a better more personalized instrument. His skill and craftsmanship are undeniable. I have many professional musician friends that have been awestruck when they see either of the guitars Manuel has made for me. Of course, the bottom line is the sound and there is nothing lacking there either. Both instruments he has made for me have a rich complex tone and a volume that I have not heard in mass production guitars. His instruments really are one of a kind. ¡Gracias Manuel!
 -- Dr. Ernesto Guerrero" (California) Two Steel String guitars, one is a custom "Julie"

quote Manuel, The Candelario model guitar that I had been dreaming for a long time arrived today. The sound is more beautiful than I imagine. Especially I like its chord sound. And the playability is remarkable due to the slightly thinner neck. Thank you very much for satisfying my long dream. This guitar will be my treasure forever. I will never forget you Manuel, your work, your kindness and the name of Delgado. It is my honor to know such an honest and passionate person like you. Thank you very much for these nine months since I first e-mailed you.
 -- Kei Yuki (Japan) "Candelario"model Classical Guitar

quote Hola Manuel! I've been wondering about you and your father for over 30 years. I just discovered that you are in Nashville thru a newspaper article. I have two instruments made by your father, and a few he modified. The originals need some work and I would be thrilled to bring them to you. We are working on a show for Nashville, but I will stop by even if we don't play there... And I'll bring the instruments. I would be very wonderful to have you repair these and bring them back to life. all the best to you.
 -- Arlo Guthrie

quote I have played guitar for 35 years, and of the many excellent guitars I have owned, my new Delgado Custom Classical stands above them all. This fine handmade instrument is multi-sensory art. It is visually stunning and detailed, it feels like it is truly part of me, it even smells wonderful when you open the case. Then there's the sound: Clear, bell-like, exceptionally balanced, and highly responsive. Power when you demand it, and a sweet whisper when you want. There are few instruments that truly coax you to play 'outside the box', and this guitar does just that. It makes me a better musician every time I put her in my hands, and I will forever thank Manuel Delgado for crafting this incredible instrument for me.
 -- Rob Steagall (California) Custom Classical Guitar

quote What a wonderful experience it was to have Manuel build a guitar for me! My "Monica" flamenco model is everything I wanted in a guitar! Manuel was there every step of the way providing pictures and updates on the progress. Manuel is truly gifted in the art of guitar making. His soul and passion actually become part of the instrument! The sound of this guitar is magical. The playability is effortless and the workmanship is absolutely beautiful. Thank you Manuel for this awesome guitar and your dedication to the art!
 -- David Wood (Tennessee) "Monica" model-Flamenco Guitar

quote Hello Manuel, I hope you´re doing well. After a while I want to give you a little feedback. The two guitars are completely different to the others I have at my store. When I´ve tried them first, it was if I taste a complete new meal. And like this it needs a couple of times to eat it, it took a couple of times to play to find out their fantastic very special sound of its own. I can tell you, I like these guitars very much. Talk to you soon,
 -- Tommy (Germany) Two Steel String Guitars

quote The Delgado tradition is deep and soulful. The stuff you can't buy if you had all the money in the world. A gift and a blessing.
  -- Louie Perez of Los Lobos

quote During the past three years I have lived in Nashville I've been fortunate to hang around and watch Manuel build guitars in his shop. Whenever I go to the shop, we'll usually drink coffee and talk. While he works on a new guitar. From the search for a perfect tree, the design of intricate inlay around the sound hole, to the first time ever the guitar is strummed. Sometimes it seems like that process means more to him then life itself. It's an amazing thing to watch. I usually strum on the most finished instrument lying around. I find it funny that as soon as I leave, the first thing I want to do is go home and write a song.
 -- Erwin Herceg of "Captain Black Heart" singer/songwriter (Nashville)

quote I have played with lots of different guitars and grew up in a family of Greek musicians. The one thing I noticed immediately with Delgado guitars is that It had an authentic spirit. I got excited again for the first time in years to hold and play a guitar. The love put into the instruments built gives me the feeling that it has a heartbeat of It's own. I look forward to writing my songs through it.
 -- Steven Delopoulos of "Burlap to Cashmere" recording artist, singer/songwriter, guitarist.(New Jersey)

quote Manuel builds some of the best sounding guitars I have ever played. He is a master Luthier, and a good man, who works with the finest materials, a passion for what he does, and has the ability to put his heart and soul into everything Ive seen him make.
 -- Duane Sciacqua is a Nashville session guitarist, writer, producer, who has worked with Paul McCartney, Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh, and played on dozens of film and television productions. He is currently on tour with Rodney Atkins, and Becky Hobbs

quote From the perspective of a friend, Manuel Delgado is a man who embodies the word "integrity." As a craftsman, he exudes descriptions such as "visionary" and "perfectionist." Manuel has wonderfully repaired and fine tuned my existing guitars. I have also played at least ten of his personal creations, each one of them are wonderfully unique in artistry, tone and personality. Manuel has forgotten more about creating tone than I can ever remember! My order has been placed.
 -- Charlie Johnson is a Los Angeles based guitarist who has been playing clubs since he was a teenager. Lately he has been playing in numerous churches and conferences behind a variety of band leaders.

quote I decided to return to the guitar at age 56 after recovering from a heart transplant. I wanted a single instrument that would last a life time. What I received from Manuel was a work of art that has a beautiful voice and a soul as well.
 -- William A. Biermann (Pennsylvania) Classical Guitar-"Marta" model

quote I don't know what I love the most about Delgado guitars, the way they look or the way they sound. I did a gig the other week at a club playing I had five separate people come up to me while I was still on stage and ask me what kind of a bass I was playing. They all complemented on the sound but I can guarantee you they all noticed the instrument as soon as they walked in the door. Three of them were guitarists, one was a bassist, and the fifth one was a drummer! Manuel has an unlimited amount of knowledge and attention to detail that is rare to find in anyone, regardless of what business you might be in. Delgado guitars not only look and sound great, they are inspiring each and every time you pick one up. It doesn't get any better if each time you pick up your instrument, you are inspired to play or create.  -- Ron Gomez (Nashville)"Delgado Bass" model

quote Manuel treats you like a lifelong customer the minute you meet him. He's proud of his work, helpful beyond expectation, and goes the extra mile to make sure you have a great sounding instrument.
 -- Captain Matthew Rapp U.S.Army

quote As a professional cellist as well as an amateur guitarist, instrumental quality is very important to me. Manuel's guitars rival the finest violins or cellos made today; the artistry, craftsmanship, and pure beauty of sound is of the highest order.
 -- Matt Walker, cellist, ALIAS Chamber Ensemble