The Monica

MonicaFlamenco Custom Guitar Model: "Monica"

With an appearance that is almost deceptive, the "Monica" gives you the impressions that she is soft and gentle in nature. After the playing on a single note you sense a playfulness and joy from her voice, but upon striking a chord, she releases a sound that is a sharp, direct attack.

This elegant lady is built with traditional, historical dimensions. Weighing less than 2.2 pounds, a scale length on 655mm, and a body width of 238mm and a lower bout of 312mm, with sides that are 94mm in depth. Built with European Cypress sides and back, German Spruce belly, Indian Rosewood bridge, Cedar neck and African Ebony fingerboard. The superstitious Flamencos will not consider this guitar "bad luck" since there is not dark woods used on this sides and back.

Beautiful in appearance, a soul of integrity. This is why I named her after my sister.

Custom Classical w/cutaway available too (special order)

Monica Monica Monica Monica
Monica Monica Monica Monica with Lilianas

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