The Rosario

RosarioSteel string "OOO" Model: Rosario

This model is made of solid Mahogany sides/back/neck, with an Indian Rosewood fingerboard and bridge, and a Bearclaw Spruce top. The body style in one borrowed of the old Martin guitars, but everything else is unique. From the solid woods and body built around the neck rather than a dove tail or slide in neck, to the bracing pattern, this little lady has more sound and strength than her appearance offers. At the same time, her values and tradition are from a generation where pride and integrity had value and meaning. Her small frame make her enjoyable and comfortable for men or ladies to embrace, and her tone is soothing and familiar, but she can command strength and voice when needed.

This is for my grandmother, Rosario. Although all my family and friends refer to her as "Manina", I chose to name this guitar after her. She lived with us when I was growing up and to this day I have a bond and love for her that I feel blessed by God. She was tough on us and wouldn't allow us to be anything less than respectful and proper, but she also loved us as if we were her own. That love was also given to friends I brought home, they benefited just by being close and so will anyone who is allowed to hear the sound of this guitar.

Rosario Rosario Rosario Rosario Rosario
Rosario Rosario

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